Our Products

1. IBR Steel roofing sheets with, Insulation and ceiling system. All in one


The insulated roofing panel represents a fast-track integrated roof and ceiling solution (all in one) without the need for extensive supporting trusses and beams. And features a 15 density fire retardant polystyrene core that is permanently bonded to a smooth, easy to clean steel underside and inverted box rib profiled steel topside. Apart from reducing external heat from above it will also reduces the noise from heavy rain or hail.
Our roof sheets and panels range from 50mm – 150mm in thickness and have a cover width of 1100mm. Can run up to 12m long
When replacing an existing roof and use our insulated sheets you’re actually gain living or packing space in your ceiling as the heat and cold cannot penetrate our sheets. Cover Width 1100mm. Excellent for carports as well

2. Econo Insulated steel wall panel system

Panel Board Structured Walls

The insulated clip –in wall panel likewise compliments the roofing system for walls and other vertical structures and can be produced in several different profiles and thickness.The panels are waterproof, fire proof, galvanised and insulated giving you a super strong, maintenance free structure that should last a lifetime.

• 20 year structure guarantee.
• warm in winter and cool in summer
• Sound proof
• Easy to assemble
• The wall thickness can range from 50mm ,70mm,125m and 150mm
• Cover Width 1100mm

3. Econo board panel walls and partitioning panels system

Insulated IBR sheeting

It is the same as our steel wall panels. However Eco Boards that are made from Patented Cementations’ Fireproof mix and is laminated on each side of the walls
Our clip-in Econ walls can be used interior and exterior or for partitioning and requires no costly frame work as it clips together and runs in steel channels. It is light weight and is:
• Fireproof
• Waterproof
• Sound proof
• Easy to assemble
• Most cost effective to build.
For Wendy houses, security huts, storage rooms and garden sheds
The wall width can range from 50mm ,50mm 70mm,125m and 150mm. Cover Width 1100mm

4. Carports patios and entertainment areas

Insulated IBR sheeting

Our sheets are perfect and cost effective for carports or covered entertainment areas cost less than the traditional carports as it can span for up to 7m with no support structure. So no timber structure is required and less labour.
We can install your carport, patio or entertainment area or supply you with the material as it is easy and quick to assemble.

5. Fibre Cement wood grain planks

Fibre cement wood grain planks have a unique combination of physical and mechanical properties that makes it superior to other boards. These benefits include: dimensional stability, smooth, flat and uniform surfaces, cost effective, light weight, strong and durable, fire resistant, cold and heat insulation, high decay resistance.
For Nutec houses,fencing,cladding and gates,
Wood grain Planks only comes in the following sizes;

Size: 3660 x 158 x 7.5mm

Size: 3660 x 230 x 7.5mm

6. Partitioning and ceiling boards (Plaster boards)

Eco Plaster Board is an alternative to the commonly used gypsum board or plaster board; it carries the same dimensions and bares the same thickness. 7mm, 9mm, 12mm and 15mm thick and lengths from 2,4m, 2,7m, 3m, 3,6m. Eco plaster boards have a either a 40mm tapered edge or a flat edge for fire stop either side of the length, this is for joint skimming.
Eco Plaster Boards are manufactured on a production line using raw materials:

– Patented Cementations Fireproof mix as the core
– Paper – Ceiling Board paper – code: 64920; by Mpact: ISO 9001/14001 certified.

Eco Boards are made from Patented Cementations’ Fireproof mix sandwiched between two outer layers of paper with following attributes:
• Boards can be joint-skimmed or fully skimmed. (only sizes above 9mm in thickness cane be full skimmed)
• Boards are water resistant and can be exposed to water without softening the core.
• Boards promote thermal insulation.
• Boards Promote sound insulation
• Boards are prone to fewer breakages due to its high strength to weight ratio.
• Boards are proudly South African (Invented and manufactured).